About Us

WE COME IN PEACE!!! Plastic Pizza is here on a mission of peace to bring interdimensional bliss to a dimension near you. Peace the Pizza and the Cosmic Cows are just a few of the cosmic characters floating around the pizza universe. Peace the Pizza’s mission is to deliver cheesy bliss in all its artistic forms including designer toys, limited run apparel, collectible pins, stickers, and posters. Along with providing Earth Dwelling Inhabitants with interdimensional bliss, Plastic Pizza also is a platform for creative minds and artists to dream and imagine. The power of creativity and the spirit of imagination fuel the artistic drive behind Plastic Pizza.

Peace the Pizza

He’s BACK!!! Peace the Pizza is here to be an interdimensional harbinger of peace to our dimension. This cosmic character has been appearing in a variety of artistic expressions including street art, designer toys and fashion. Peace the Pizza welcomes you to join him on his journey to spread peace, art and bliss to all!

Cosmic Cows

THEY CAME FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION!!! This ancient and wise race of interstellar heifers has been visiting for millennia and now with the help of Peace the Pizza, the Cosmic Cows are back to share their secrets. The Cosmic Cows are here to remind you… It Was All A Dream!